CU/XLPE/OS/PVC adalah kabel yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan instrumen dan sistem kontrol untuk transmisi sinyal analog atau digital. Kabel ini tidak boleh dihubungkan langsung ke suplai listrik utama atau sumber impedansi rendah lainnya dan tidak dirancang untuk digunakan sebagai catu daya. Tidak cocok untuk aplikasi yang ditanam langsung.

Cable Construction :

* Conductor:Plain Annealed copper wire class 2 according to IEC 60228
* Insulation:Extruded XLPE ( Crosslinked Polyethylene )
* Overall Screen:Helically Overllaped Polyester Tape
Tinned Annealed Copper wire 0.5 mm2 ( 20/0.18 mm )
Helically Overlapped Single coated Aluminium Tape contacted with drain wire
Helically Overlapped Polyester Tape
* Outer Sheath   : Extruded PVC Flame Retardant ( Black or requested by customer )
Triad Identification: 
* 1 Triad:Black, White and Red
* Multi Triad:Black, White and Red with numbering
Amount of halogen acid gas:Max 17% ( IEC 60754-1 )
Limiting oxigen index ( LOI ):Min 30% ( IEC 60332-3 annex B )
Sunlight Resistance:UL 1581 section 1200
Oil Resistance:ICEA S-82-552
Flame Retardant:IEC 60332-1
Flame Propagation:IEC 60332-3 Cat. A, B, C
Design Voltage:300 V & 500 V
Insul Resistance:Min. 1000
AC Test Voltage:300 V : 1000 V/1 min
500 V : 2000 V/1 min
Screen Resistance:Min. 1 MOhm/km
Min.Bending Radius:6 x OD ( fixed installation )
Temperature Rating:-40° C to 70° C
Symbol : CU/XLPE/OS/PVC or P1 T1 OS
Applicable Standard:Multitriad XLPE Insulated Instrumentation Cable
Flame Retardant, UV Resistant
According to BS EN 50288-7 : 2005
Voltage Designation 300 V & 500 V
P1 T1 OS:XLPE Insulated, Overall Collective Screen, Unarmoured
Other Specification are available on request
Application  :Suitable for connecting instrument and control system for analogue or digital signal transmission.These cables shall not be connected directly to mains electricity supply or other low impedance sources and not designed to be used for power supply.Not suitable for direct buried applications.

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