Identification of Cores Phase :  Twin-cores : Black, Red Three-cores  : Black, Red, Blue Four-cores : Black, Red, Blue, Orange Five-cores : Black, Red, Blue, Orange,

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MV-105 MC-HL 15 KV

Construction : Compact circular stranded copper conductorExtruded semiconductive compund conductor screenExtruded EPR insulationExtruded strippable semiconductive compound insul screenHelically overlapped copper tape metalic screenCopper grounding conductorsPolypropylene

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MV-105 MC-HL 35KV

Copper conductor, EPR Insulation, Copper Tape Screen with aluminium welded corrugated armoured and PVC Sheath Symbol    :    MV-105 MC-HL 35kV or CU/EPR/CTS/MC/PVC Identification of Cores

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