Copper conductor, XLPE Insulation, Copper Tape Screen with aluminium welded corrugated armoured and PVC Sheath

Identification of cores

Phase:identification by PE tape (Black, Red, Blue
 :Other colours are available on request

Special features on request :

Oil resistance
Flame retardant cat A, B, C
Flame retardant non category
Nylon coated

Symbol    :    MV-105 MC-HL 5/8 kV or CU/XLPE/CTS/MC/PVC

Applicable Standard:Rated Voltage : 5 kV
Specification:IEC 60502-2
ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74
UL 1072
Other Specification are available on request
Application :* Indoor and outdoor ( wet or dry location )
* Branch circuits for power distribution system
* Installation direct burial
* Installation cable tray
* Approve for classes I,II and III Division 1 and 2, Class 1, Zones 1 and 2

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