Copper conductor, EPR insulation, copper tape screen with aluminium welded corrugated armoured and PVC sheath

Construction :

Compact circular stranded copper conductor
Extruded semiconductive compund conductor screen
Extruded EPR insulation
Extruded strippable semiconductive compound insul screen
Helically overlapped copper tape metalic screen
Copper grounding conductors
Polypropylene yarn filler & polyester tape binder
Aluminium welded corrugated armour
Extruded PVC 90°C grade outer sheath ( red colour )

Identification of Cores :

Phase:Identification by PE tape ( black, red, blue )
  Other specification are available on request
Symbol:MV-105 MC-HL 15 kV or CU/EPR/CTS/MC/PVC
Applicable Standard:Rated Voltage : 15 kV
Specification:IEC 60502-2
ICEA S-93-639
UL 1072
Other Specification are available on request
Application:* Indoor and outdoor ( wet or dry location )
* Branch circuits for power distribution system
* Installation direct burial
* Installation cable tray
* Approved for classes I, II and III division 1 and 2,class 1, zones 1 and 2

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